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What YONGYA gives you is not the products only; but also the best solution, the timely and considerate service. We will never stop our service after we produce the qualified products.The moment when you decide to buy our products,we will be always with you,we will be a faithful partners of your cause,we will discuss with you on all your concerning questions, and then provide a solution.We have a service net to satisfy all the customers, and help our customers to get higher value from our equipments.
service1.jpgAs long as what you can imagine, we will try our best to do it for you!--(YONGYA MACHINERY)

Investment Cost:

From raw materials to finished products , our company' professionals will consider investment in equipment,labor wages,accessories, maintenance costs,venue costs,electricity, water and other factors then supply you the investment costs for one ton finished material .

Free Design:

Our company will combine the raw materials and local finished products' price to design a full feasibility production line ,and increase customer profitability greatly. We can also design plans according to the special requirements of customers, and provide customers with the design of the production line process,and we will design a reasonable production lines to satisfy customers.


We have the complete supervision system about equipment-manufacturing.Otherwise,our sales managers must monitor and irregular checks various parts of the manufacturing equipment,in order to ensure the equipment is consistent with the contract signed.

Installation and Commissioning:

YONGYA will supply the free "Guide Installation and Commissioning" service and can also provide all the equipment "Turnkey Project" according to customer further demands.24 hours' service line:0371-67858061

After-Sales Tracking:

Our sales manager regularly visit the client device usage time and solve the various problems encountered in the production line for customers .While,if customers have the special situation when the machine is operating, our sales manager will be with our professional technician to solve the problems on the customers' work site.

Spare Parts Supplying:

YONGYA will supply the accessories for customers in the long term, and can also customize special materials and special sizes of parts according to the material properties.

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